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Disk Firmware Incompatible with Hardware error on Paradigm Processor (P-ACP)


My Paradigm Architectural Control Processor (P-ACP) has an error which states "Disk firmware Incompatible with Hardware". How do I resolve this issue?

Explanation of Issue & Solution

Most often this occurs when installing a loaner or newly repaired P-ACP, and swapping compact flash (CF) cards between units. The error simply means that the firmware version that exists on the CF card does not match the firmware version on the P-ACP. To resolve this issue the firmware version that exists on the P-ACP must be reloaded. Contact your ETC Authorized Dealer or ETC Technical Services for assistance.

There have been a few revisions of P-ACP hardware over the course of the product lifetime, and thus certain part numbers have a minimum version number listed below. You will get this error if you load a firmware number lower than the hardware supports.

Part Number Minimum Version
7180A1001 - Serialized Above 445001678 1.1.2 Patch 2
7180A1001 - Serialized Above 445008001 2.0.3
7180A1009 2.0.5b
7180A1029 4.1.1