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How to Create a Timed Event on the P-ACP


I need to create one or more new timed events on my Paradigm Processor.


Below is a quick breakdown on how to create a timed event on the PACP.

You can find more detailed information on these settings and more in the Paradigm ACP Manual starting on Page 68.


  1. Go to your Paradigm Processor (P-ACP).
  2. Press the Checkmark to wake up the screen and go into the main menu.
  3. Wheel down on the circle until you get to "Timed Event Setup", press the check mark to enter this menu.
  4. Select the "Create New Event" option by pressing the check mark.
  5. Fill in the necessary information for your needed timed event.
    1. Be sure to set an Action.
  6. Press the Back (<) button when finished.
  7. Choose "Save Changes and Exit".