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How to Clear Arch Output from a Paradigm Processor (P-ACP)


  • Lights are stuck on, even when Off is active
  • LED fixture color control is incorrect, as if one or more colors are stuck on
  • Console is not outputting but lights are on

Explanation of Issue

Your P-ACP may be outputting values it shouldn't be. This may result from a software error, a programming issue, or a boot look that cannot be cleared with normal architectural controls.


  1. Press [ ] on the UI of the PACP to enter the main menu.
  2. Select the Arch Control menu, then Clear Arch Output. (You may need to scroll past the bottom of the menu to see this option.)
  3. Select either Clear Boot Look Only to clear the look programmed into the P-ACP that it runs at boot, or Clear ALL Arch Ctrl to clear all DMX and sACN output from the processor.

"Clear ALL Arch Ctrl" will turn off everything currently controlled by the architectural system, possibly including house lights, work lights, and switched power, so be prepared for your space to go completely dark when performing these steps if there is no other source of lighting control such as a console currently outputting to the system. Afterwards, you can activate presets or control zones normally.