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How to Record a Preset from the P-ACP


I don't have a dedicated Record button in my Paradigm system. Can I re-record my presets? 


Most likely. It is possible to re-record an existing preset if the fixtures you want to record to the preset are already included in that particular preset, and the preset has not been defined as "Read Only" within the system config. This is not always the case with all fixtures.  

  1. Set the lighting look you want to record from your console or other lighting controller.
  2. Press Check (√) on the front of the P-ACP (Paradigm Architectural Control Processor)
  3. Navigate to Arch Control and press Check (√)to select it. Navigate to "Presets" and select it.
  4. Choose the space your preset is located in. Navigate to the preset in question and select it.
  5. Navigate to "Record" and press Check(√). It should say "Preset Recorded" across the top of the LCD screen.

If the preset does not take the look you set, or if you receive any message other than "Preset Recorded", you will need to reach out to your ETC dealer for reprogramming. If you need help finding a dealer you can search for one in your area using the Find A Dealer tool on ETC's website.