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Controlling Echo Objects using PSAP


This article describes how to control Echo objects (Presets, Zones, Spaces, Walls) using Paradigm Serial Access Protocol (PSAP 4.0 in LD 4.2.4). 


  • An Echo Expansion Bridge both in LD and the real world on the network (and connected to the Echo Bus).
  • PSAP enabled on a Paradigm Processor. (LD Property Editor when PACP is selected).
  • Names are required in all strings (these are not optional).
  • Third Party controller will direct PSAP commands to the PACP with PSAP enabled (not the EEB).

Sites with Multiple Echo Expansion Bridges

  • If more than one EEB is installed on this site, unique names are required for each Echo Space on each Echo Bridge.
  • Each Echo Space can still have Echo Zones named the same (Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 3 and so on).  This is because we can declare (use) Space Names with this string.
  • Each Echo Space can still have Echo Presets named the same (Preset 1, Preset 2, Preset 3 and so on).  This is because we can declare (use) Space Names with this string
  • Walls must have unique names as Echo Space names can not be used in combination with the Echo Wall name in the Wall PSAP string as shown below.


Below is a list of commands in PSAP that will control Echo Objects (using the default names),  Object names and values should be substituted to meet the sites needs.


Activate:  pst act Preset 1, Space 1

Deactivate:  pst dact Preset 1, Space 1

Record:  pst rec Preset 1, Space 1


Set Intensity:  chan int:50% Zone 1, Space 1

Raise:  chan ras:25% Zone 1, Space 1

Lower:  chan low:25% Zone 1, Space 1

Toggle (Full/Off/Full):  chan tog Zone 1, Space 1


Off:  spc off Space 1

Raise:  spc ras:50% Space 1

Lower:  spc low:25% Space 1

Wall (Space Combine)

Open:  wall open Wall 1

Close:  wall close Wall 1

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