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How to Manually Bind a Replacement Station


When we get new hardware to replace existing in a Paradigm system, sometimes it needs to be manually connected to the Paradigm Architectural Control processor via the software.

How to:

Start by connecting the new hardware to the wiring.  If this is a button station this will mean connecting the White/Black LON wiring pair to the rear of the station.  The station should light up as it powers on.

Go to your Paradigm Architectural Control Processor.  This is the main brain of your system.

Tap the check mark button to enter the main menu.  The wheel around the check mark servers as a scroll wheel.  Running your finger around the wheel will move the on screen selection.

Using the wheel, scroll down to "Arch Setup" and press Check.  

Then "LonWorks Connections" should be selected.  Press Check.

The screen should show you have many total stations in your system are connected.  Scroll down to "Connect Device" and hit check.

Choose your space and press check.

Choose your station and press check.

The screen will show a code.  This is the LON ID and should match a sticker found on your new station.  Select this and press check.

Your new station should now be bound to the system.

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