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My PTS7 Wireless Handheld is not holding a charge


My PLCD or PTS7 wireless handheld touchscreen is not holding a charge

Description/Explanation of Issue

Your PLCD or PTS7 wireless handheld touch screen is only powering on when plugged in via USB or on it's wireless dock. This would happen if the battery is no longer able to hold a charge. The battery failure could be the result of consistent over-charging. If your touchscreen is kept on the dock 24/7, that will degrade the health of the battery.


  1. To prevent rapid battery degradation, run your touch screen off of the dock or USB cable until the battery is low or dead and let it charge to full before you resume use. 
  2. Contact your favorite ETC dealer to set up an RMA on the unit to have the unit serviced and the battery replaced. 


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