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P-TS7 intermittently locking up, freezing or wont wake from sleep


The touch screen will function normally for an undetermined amount of time until a freeze occurs. The P-TS7 may freeze while the screen is still active, or may only freeze while the unit is in sleep mode. Resetting the screen via the reset button will not bring it back. Reseating hard power brings the screen back. 

Description/Explanation of Issue

This is a hardware failure with the Power Management IC (PMIC). This is an intermittent failure and the time to see the failure can vastly change (minutes to multiple days). If pressing the reset button does not bring the P-TS7 back, holding the reset button for several seconds will reset the PMIC.


  1. The P-TS7 will need to come to the factory for service. The PMIC is a 206 pin BGA that requires specific equipment for replacement.


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