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Paradigm Touchscreen Remote App "Mobile App Settings" Not Appearing in Touchscreen COMMS Tab


I am trying to set up connection from the Paradigm Touchscreen Remote App to my Paradigm Touchscreen, but the "Mobile App Settings" option is not available in the COMMS tab on the touchscreen.

Explanation of Issue

There are 2 reason those settings may not appear.  If the touchscreen station is connected to the Paradigm system over LON, or is a P-TS7-H (handheld), this option will be hidden and cannot be accessed.  Also this feature was added in Paradigm 4.1.0 so it will not be found on any touchscreen below that version. This feature only available on network connected P-TS7 hardware.


  1. On the COMMS tab of the touchscreen Setup menu, check the "Connection Type".  If it says LON, then you cannot connect the app to this station. It must be an Ethernet connection type to connect the app.
  2. Check the ABOUT tab in the touchscreen Setup menu for the firmware version.  If it is below v4.1.0, contact a local ETC dealer to discuss updating your system firmware.
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