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Augment3d Materials JSON Explained


Beginning in Augment3d version 1.2.0, Augment3d supports importing of custom materials into a scene. When included, a JSON file will be used to define the characteristics of the material.

Material Packs JSON

This is the format used in the material packs provided by ETC and can be used as a reference for creating your own materials. The JSON text file is encoded as UTF-8, no BOM.

    { "x": 1, "y": 1, "z": 1 },
  "metallic": 0,
  "smoothness": 0.5,
  "name": "my awesome material",
  "uid": "{12ab3456-7cde-890f-1234-56ghi7j89k01}"

base_color {x,y,z}

Optional or Required: Optional

Default Value:{"x"=1, "y"=1, "z"=1}

Description of Parameter: A color multiplier (negative filter) where  x=Red, y=Green, z=Blue in sRGB color space

Range: 0.0-1.0 for each element (x, y, & z)


Optional or Required: Optional

Default Value: 0

Description of Parameter: Adjusts reflectiveness between absorbing some light (dielectric) at 0 to reflecting all light (pure metal) at 1 of the material.

Range: 0.0-1.0

Notes: Usual values are in the range 0.0-0.5


Optional or Required: Optional

Default Value: 0.5

Description of Parameter: Adjusts how smooth at 0 to rough at 1 the material is.

Range: 0.0-1.0

Notes: Equal to 1.0-roughness.


Optional or Required: Optional

Default Value: base name of the JSON file

Description of Parameter: If present, this is the name that will be displayed as the material name in Augment3d.

Notes: Primarily for cases where the required material name contains special characters that aren’t permitted in filenames, or words/phrases that have some special meaning in a filename.


Optional or Required: Optional in User Created Materials, Required in Stock Materials

Description of Parameter: UUID of the material. Must be changed if the material changes in any way.

Notes: If this value is present then the material will be imported “read-only” and cannot be edited (but it can be duplicated), to ensure this material is identical in every show file using it.

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