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Data Does Not Match Between XYZ Focus Data of SEM Channel and XYZ Focus Data of Fixture


XYZ Focus data is different between my Moving Lights and  SEM channels, even if their world position is represented in the model as the same.

For example:

Channel 1 is an SEM channel that has a -3 X for the world position.

world position.JPG

In Live, giving X focus +3 for channel 1 returns its world position to origin 0/0/0. However XYZ focus for the channel shows as 3/0/0 focus to origin.JPG
Adding channel 2 patched as a Lonestar, and focusing XYZ to 0/0/0 is the same world position for channel 1 with XYZ focused to 3/0/0 Moving light focus xyz.JPG

Description/Explanation of Issue

In Eos v3.2.0, you are able to give a world position for the Anchor of SEM channels in edit mode. Functionally this behaves as an offset. This is because XYZ Focus is not the same as world position. Rather, it is data based on positional properties per channel.


If you have existing Focus Palettes that can not be changed, continue using a Home Preset to set a world position for SEM channels rather than in Augment3d.


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