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Eos Augment3d Show File Types

When saving a show file in Augment3d, the following file types are available:

Eos Family

Extension Description Version
ESF EOS Show File 1.0.0 - Current
ESF2 EOS Show File with Compression 2.9.0 - Current
ESF3D EOS Show File with Augment3d 3D Data Included


Eos v2.9.x and below will not display files with the extension .esf3d in the Eos File Browser. 

On ETCnomad systems, it is possible to double-click a showfile to directly launch Eos Nomad and attempt to open that file.  Attempting to open a .esf3d file in v2.9.x and below will clear the previous show's data from Eos, but then the .esf3d file will fail to load with an Unsupported file extension error.


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