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Duplicating a Fixture in Augment3d


You have multiple physical fixtures connected to the same dimmer/address and you wish to visualize those multiple fixtures in Augment3d.


In Patch add multiple parts of the same fixture type to your channel. You don't need to patch them to an address because Augment3d doesn't listen to DMX output.


To make sure you can see the duplicates as channel objects in Augment3d make sure that they all have different coordinates set in Patch > Augment3d.





For v3.1.5 or below:

When using the Augment3d Vectorworks Plug-in to export position data for multiple fixtures with the same address and channel, it is recommended to use dummy addresses for the multiple parts prior to the export from Vectorworks. This will allow Eos to recognize multiple fixtures and parts are a part of the same channel and retain position data.

After import, remove the dummy address from the channel parts.


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