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How to Create a New Fixture Profile with Correct Shutter Visualization

When creating a new profile, first set the fixture so that the Pan is at 0° and the Tilt is at positive 90° so that the angles are consistent with the standardized values. Next, determine which DMX addresses correspond with the following parameters:

Frame Number with a/b Motor

Shutters that use two motors to drive each edge of the shutter to determine angle and depth are called out as frames with an a and b motor. Use the following guide to determine which number and motor to assign to each DMX address.




Thrust and Rotation

Some fixtures use a motor for thrust depth and a motor for rotation angle instead of a motor on each edge of the shutter. For these types of fixtures, use the following guide image instead.



Note: You may need to edit the DMX range to be inverted if positive DMX values do not rotate counter clockwise.





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