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Vectorworks: Incompatible Plug-ins Report


When trying to install the Augment3d Vectorworks Plug-in, Vectorworks displays an Incompatible Plug-ins Report dialog:


Explanation of Issue

The incorrect version of plug-in is attempting to be installed. In the dialog box, the Vectorworks internal version that the plug-in is compatible with is displayed as "Compiled for Version"

Compiled for Version Vectorworks Version
24.0.0 Vectorworks 2019
25.0.0 Vectorworks 2020
26.0.0 Vectorworks 2021

Unable to Read Version Information

See Below


  1. Select the correct version of the plug-in for your version of Vectorworks and reinstall following the included installation guide.

If the Compiled for Version reports as Unknown and the plug-in version attempting to be installed is 1.1.0, there was a known issue that could sometimes prevent installation. To correct this, install version 1.1.1 or higher.

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