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Vectorworks Plugin: My Object Didn't Export from Vectorworks or Import in Augment3d


When using the Vectorworks Augment3d Plugin, an object, fixture, and/or focus point didn't export from Vectorworks or isn't available to import into Augment3d

Explanation of Issue

In order for an object to export from Vectorworks using the Augment3d Plug-in, it needs to be visible at the time of the export. This is resolved using Vectorworks' tools for visibility of classes and layers to control what is included in the export. It is important that the layer/class needs to be visible in the Visibility Column within Vectorworks and not just visible to you because you have the item or layer selected.

The Vectorworks Plug-in uses only the Layer visibility when determining what to export.

The Vectorworks Plug-in does not use Class visibility when determining what to export.

From Vectorworks 2019/2020 Help:





Class/design layer is visible; objects in this class/layer display when another class/layer is active



Class/design layer is invisible; objects in this class/layer display only when the class/layer is active



Class/design layer is gray; objects in this class/layer are grayed when another class/layer is active

Don’t Save


For saved views, a fourth column displays to the right of the other columns. When selected, class/design layer visibility is not saved for the saved view; the current class/layer visibility is used when the view is displayed.


  1. Make sure that all of the objects that you would like to be included in the export are visible before running the Augment3d Plugin.
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