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How To Update the Fixture Library on ColorSource Consoles


How do I update my the fixture library on my ColorSource console, separately from the console software?


Note-Icon.png To update the software or fixture library of your ColorSource console, you will need an internet-connected computer, and a FAT32-formatted USB to transfer the file(s).

First, check your current version of ColorSource console software. If you are not running the latest version, please update your console before proceeding.

Important-Icon.png Installing a fixture library update on a console not already running the matching version of software can cause issues that could require your console be reset to factory defaults.
  1. To download the fixture library update, go to the ColorSource Software download page, and click on the file named "ColorSource Console vX.X.X Library Update X.X.X."
  2. Once the compressed folder has downloaded, unzip it to see two files: the library update (.cspkg), and a library contents list (.html). 
  3. Put the cspkg file in the root directory of your USB drive, and insert the USB into your ColorSource console.
  4. On the console, navigate to Setup > Files > Advanced > Install Extras.
  5. You should see the .cspkg file as an available option. Make sure it's selected, and hit "Accept," then "Yes" to confirm the installation.
  6. Once the install is complete, restart your console by completely removing the power cable from the back, then reinserting it.
  7. Once the console has fully booted, navigate to Patch > Add Device to confirm you have the current fixture profiles available in the Standard Library.
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