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How to Patch Multiple Fixtures to One Channel on a ColorSource Console


I have several fixtures that need to be controlled with a single channel. How do I do this? 

Description/Explanation of Issue

By using a channel's "Duplicate Cell" feature in Patch, another cell with the same channel number will appear on the grid. If you only want one cell to appear per channel number follow the steps below. 


  1. Patch your first dimmer/device as normal. 
  2. Add another dimmer/device
    1. By default the channel number for this dimmer/device will be the next sequential number to your first dimmer/device.
  3. Tap the channel number of your added dimmer/device
  4. Type and enter the channel number of the first dimmer/device.
  5. Select the checkmark in the left-hand corner to proceed
  6. Success! We now have two dimmer/devices patched to the same channel using only one cell on the grid.