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No Recorded Control on ColorSource Console


I can manipulate individual channels and everything works fine. But after recording a cue or playback, I cannot make the recorded look output from the console.  


Recorded values, such as cues and playbacks, are mastered by the 4 faders above the touchscreen.  If these faders are in the down position, it will not output anything from these looks.  These faders can also be remapped to a different order, or have their functionality completely removed.  However, if the functionality is removed the level they were last set to still applies and can no longer be changed by the fader.  

Example: if the cue master fader is set to 50%, all cues will output their recorded looks at 50% of the recorded values. If the cue maser fader assignment is then removed, the cues can only output at 50% and there is no way to change this without re-mapping a master fader to cues again.



  1. Make sure they at least 2 of them are assigned as "Playback" and "Cue". 
    1. If master fader is unmapped (unassigned), navigate to Setup > Settings > "Console" tab.  Tap below the fader, select and assignment.
  2. After confirming that at least 2 faders are assigned as "Playback" and "Cue", make sure those two master faders are up. 
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