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CueSpider Not Booting


Powers up OK, but does not boot
Blue LEDs behind buttons light up and do not blink or change
Screen remains black. GDS/ETC logo does not appear

Explanation of Issue

There can be several causes of this issue, but there are several in-field steps that can be done:

  • Flaky SD card connection

Sometimes, there may be a flaky connection between the SD card and the SD card slot. Reseating the SD card can help restore the connection

  • Bad SD card

Though uncommon, it is possible for the data on the SD card to become corrupt. A new SD card can be ordered from ETC if reseating the SD card does not work. Please contact ETC Technical Services if this is the case

  • CPU board has failed

A very rare cause. If the CPU has failed, the board will need to be replaced. Please contact ETC Technical Services


Reseating the SD card:

There are different variations and generations of the CueSpider. Screw locations will be different. The SD Card will be located on the same board as the LCD, so the entire assembly won't need to be removed

  1. Unscrew the chassis of the CueSpider
  2. Remove the screws from the CPU board. There should be four
  3. Carefully separate the CPU board from the power board. It should just lift apart
  4. Locate the SD card and reseat it
  5. Reattach the CPU board to the power board
  6. Test the CueSpider by plugging it in to the POE connection. If it boots, it can then be fully reassembled. If it does not boot, the SD card may need to be replaced

Replacing the SD card:

Follow the directions at this link: Replacing CueSpider and CueSpider Lite MicroSD cards

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