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Emphasis File Naming Conventions

There is a reported bug regarding Emphasis show files.  In versions of Emphasis (Systems 17, 19, 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2) the program allows you to name show files ANYTHING you want.  This includes the use of illegal characters in Windows naming conventions (period, comma, slashes--forward and back, question mark, exclamation point, parenthesis, etc) .  \ , . : ; ? ! - ) ( / . 

If a customer uses these items, the file appears to save and gives no error message.    The new file name even appears correctly on the title bars of both Visualization and Console.


Windows rejects the file name with the illegal characters and it is NOT saved.  It will likely NOT open as the last valid  show file on a reboot of the server.

The only work around is to not use these characters. 


NOTE: This was addressed and corrected in Emphasis version 1.3

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