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Should I Update the BIOS on my ETCnomad Puck?


Intel has issued updates to the BIOS for the hardware platform that runs ETCnomad Puck devices. Should I Update?


Explanation of Issue

Despite common practice for updating BIOS to resolve stability or security issues found after the product has been released, ETC does not recommend installing BIOS updates that have not been provided by ETC. ETC tests and verifies functionality of available updates prior to releasing them to production or to the public for updating as needed.

In the case of the latest Intel updates, due to security changes, if the BIOS is updated to version 0074 or newer, it is no longer possible to revert down to a BIOS version 0073 or earlier. Additionally, and more importantly, the latest version of the BIOS does not support the embedded operating system used by ETCnomad Puck devices and will render the device unable to boot.


  1. Do not update BIOS firmware unless instructed by ETC to do so.
  2. Work with ETC directly if there is a feature or function in the BIOS update that is required for your system to ensure proper operation of all devices.
    1. Coordination prior to updating is required to prevent damage to the functionality of ETCnomad Puck devices
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