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Element DMX Freezing and Face Panel Offline in Logs


Element DMX output is freezing or unusual and the logs indicate that the face panel has come offline.

Description/Explanation of Issue

The USB cable between the face panel and the motherboard has likely become loose, or there may be an issue with the face panel.

Unlike other consoles, Element does not have a dongle to hold the channel count, so if the face panel goes offline, then the channel count will also be affected.


  1. Open up the console.
  2. Check to make sure that the usb cables are fully seated at the face panel and IO card.
    1. J7 - Connects to the face panel, which also holds the channel count.
    2. J8 - Goes to the USB connector on the face panel (Includes TVS protection circuitry).
    3. clipboard_ee2975ffcf46f6e64f514b6445211ec87.png
  3. Also check all other cables and make sure no cables are damaged or not fully seated.
    1. The ribbon cables also can become partially unplugged.
  4. If this doesn't improve the situation, then the face panel likely needs to be repaired.  Please connect ETC Technical Services.
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