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Element Eos Software Info

This article lists when every version of Eos Family Software was released. It also includes links to download each version as well as its release note. 


The Element information below highlights the software and hardware changes that occurred at each of the recommended Eos versions.

You can click the release date to download that version's release note.

The most recent release can always be found on the Eos Family product page at as well.


  • All Windows 7 Upgrades will be sent out with the most recent software version unless requested otherwise.
  • Version 3.0+ will only work on 64-bit motherboards (AAEON, Win7) and are not compatible with 32-bit (BCM, Intel) motherboards.  See the article here for more information on how to tell the difference.
  • It is not recommended to downgrade console software via the settings menu as it could cause unknown glitches that haven't been tested for.  Upgrades are only meant for upgrading.  It is always recommended that a console be re-imaged rather than downgrade if absolutely necessary (although upgrading is always prefered).



Recommended Versions

Release Date


3.0.1 Jan 28, 2021

(Compatible with Windows 7 consoles only)

3.0.0 Aug 19, 2020

(Compatible with Windows 7 consoles only)


Dec 8, 2020
  • Minor bug fixes and fixture libraries for XP-based hardware. 2.9.2 may also be installed on Windows 7-based hardware alongside Eos 3.0.0 and later software versions


Oct 3, 2019


May 6, 2019

  • The purpose of 2.8.3 is to address a number of issues related to multi-console sync, undo and effects playback. It is highly recommended that users running 2.8 branches update to this software version as soon as possible.


Oct 8, 2018

  • Eos v2.7.4 includes a fix for EOS-47905: IO Card sometimes freezes or stops outputting DMX.


Jun 28, 2018

  • It is recommended all users of 2.7.0 or 2.7.1 upgrade to version 2.7.2+ at the earliest possible time due to a critical bug where Undo can revoke changes beyond the desired undo point if Tab 100 (the manual) is open.


Apr  4, 2017

  • Previous versions 2.1.+ had an issue where quick, channel patched fader movements can sometimes be dropped, particularly in Element in channel mode.  The issue was resolved in this version and it is highly recommended to update.
  • WannaCry Patch should not be installed below this version.


Jan 19, 2016

  • Back-up console feature added.  Software must match version of the primary console.


Jan 21, 2014

  • Browser and Swap replaced with Displays and Tab keys respectively.


Jul 17, 2012

  • Follow key removed
  • Delay moved to replace Follow
  • And Shift key added to replace Delay.


Jan 27, 2011

  • Curved keys replace the square versions. Square keys still valid though.


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