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ION XE Fader Wing Bank Faders Fluttering Or Acting Erratic


One of the fader banks in an ION XE or EOS Fader Wing intermittently acts erratic.

Description/Explanation of Issue

One of the faders is feeding the multiplexer bad data causing it give bad information to the console.


  1. Go to the Face Panel test in the Maintenance menu and select the Fader wing tab. 
  2. Slowly move one fader at a time partially up and leave it.
  3. When the moving of a fader causes all other faders to act erratic the bad fader has been found.
  4. This may take multiple attempts and the console may need to be restarted to redo the test.
  5. Start from fader 1 and go to 10, then from 10 to 1 and ensure the same fader is causing the problem.
  6. Replace bad fader.


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