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Faders Become Unresponsive on Standard Fader Wings


We have had reports from the field on Ion Xe 20, Standard Fader Wings and Element 2 consoles of the faders and bump buttons becoming unresponsive during use.  When this occurs, the screen on the unit may stay active, and the face panel test will show the board as present but not responsive.

Steps to Solution

In order to resolve this issue, we have released updated firmware for these PCBs.  It should prevent the board from going into this non-responsive state.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  This new firmware is being distributed with v2.7.3 of Eos Family Console Software.

The firmware fix for Ion Xe 20 and Standard Fader wings is version The circuit board (PCB) is part number 4240B5625.  The firmware file is called 14d5.0042_Standard_Fader_4240S2006_1.

The firmware fix for Element 2 is v1.0.1.7 The circuit board (PCB) is part number is 4331B5601.  The firmware file is called 14d5.0044_Element_2_Fader_4331S2001_1.0.1.7.S19.

Updating firmware on these boards can be performed via the Firmware Update utility in the Shell (ECU).  Instructions for firmware update can also be found in the Eos Operations Manual under "Eos Configuration Utility" and "Maintenance and Diagnostics."

Exit to the Shell (ECU) and choose {Settings} and then {Maintenance}.  You should see a Firmware Update box on the screen.  Select the fader board and choose {Update}


It is extremely important that the console and/or fader wing be pull turned off and then back on after each firmware update.  Failure to do so could leave the boards in an unusable state.  Rebooting the console with a wing attached will not power cycle the wing.  Please unplug the wing from power and then plug it back in.

Video Firmware Update Instructions


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