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Gio Console and Universal Fader Wings Before Version 2.0

Note-Icon.png Note: This article pertains to a driver issue in released Eos Family software versions to If you are running a newer version of software, please check fader wing functionality first, then contact ETC Technical Services if issues arise.

With software version, a flawed driver used in the Eos Family software to connect to fader wings was rolled back to a stable version that is incompatible with Gio and Windows 7 PCs.  This was a temporary rollback to restore system stability.

A beta version of a driver that supports fader wings on Gio consoles and Windows 7 PCs is available from ETC. Please contact your nearest ETC Technical Services office for more information.


NOTE: Versions 2.0.0 and beyond have the driver already included - updating the software will resolve the issue. For information about updating the software on your console, please see this wiki article: Updating Eos Family Software


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