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Universal Fader Wing Doesn't Power Off When Console Powers Off


The older style Universal Fader Wing (pictured below) was not designed to power off when the console powered down; however, there was a redesign of the wing later on that allowed this to occur. This could be changed on the revised hardware based on the position of a switch on an internal circuit board called the "Auto Power Switch."


Do I have revised hardware?

If your wing has an orange USB connector at the rear and power/USB indicator LEDs, then you have revised hardware and the text below applies to you.

If your wing has a black USB connector and no indicators then your wing will not power off with the console.

Old vs Revised USB Connectors ANNOTATED.jpg

Explanation of Issue for Revised Hardware

There are 2 possible causes for Revised Hardware to have this issue.

1) If the Universal Fader Wing is attached to the console with external USB powers down but then immediately powers back on, make sure the USB cable is not plugged into a yellow USB port on the back of the console.  Yellow USB ports are always powered, even when the console is shut down.  

2) When the Auto Power switch is in the on position, the Universal Fader Wing will power off when USB data is stopped.

If your Universal Fader Wing fails to power off with the console and is not plugged into a yellow USB port, it is likely the switch on your wing is in the wrong position.


  1. Gently place the wing on its face and remove the back panel.  
    1. Loosen the three screws along the front edge two turns.  These are marked in yellow in the image.
    2. Remove the other bottom panel screws.  These are marked in red in the image.
  2. You should see a yellow switch labeled S1 Auto Power.  Make sure this is all the way to the left for "ON"
  3. Close the wing back up.  Be sure to re-tighten the three front screws.

Image for step 1 a and bUFW Bottom Panel with Screws.jpg

Image for step 2Auto Power Switch Close Up.jpg