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Net3 RFR losing connection


Net3 RFR remote losing connection to the base station
Maximum range may have a 20 foot distance

Explanation of Issue

The most common reason for this issue is an unplugged or damaged antenna cable inside the remote unit. Open the remote unit and remove the plastic button caps, number paper, and standoffs. Carefully lift up the circuit board and check the antenna cable. The antenna cable is normally plugged into the radio on the bottom of the circuit board. If unplugged, plug it back in. If the cable is still plugged into the radio module, the cable attached to the antenna jack may be damaged and may be easy to pull out of the jack. Older cables (gray insulation coating) were typically press-fitted into the antenna jack and are not repairable. Newer antenna cables (brass-woven) were soldered into the antenna jack and are generally repairable

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