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All Values in Cues are Zeroes


I'm recording cues, and see the levels on my channel icons in red or yellow. When I play the cue back, the values are all at zero. This happens for every cue I record, and in other showfiles.

Description/Explanation of Issue

One or both of your playback faders (above the Go and Stop/Back buttons) are likely down. These act as Cue-only Master faders, allowing you to manually crossfade between Cues, rather than using programmed Cue timing.

Manual (red) and Submaster (yellow) levels will generally supersede Cue levels, which means they will appear properly when you bring them up, but Cue levels will be limited by the position of the playback faders.


  1. Ensure all Manual levels are out by typing in "Clear Sneak Enter."
  2. Ensure all Submaster levels are out by typing in "Clear Sub 1 Thru Home Enter."
  3. Ensure both of your Main playback faders are up, rather than down.
    1. It is generally a good idea to keep them both up all the time, unless you are manually crossfading between Cues
  4. Ensure that any additional Cue List faders are up.