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Altering the Patch Interface Using a Macro


I have a channel that must switch between ArtNet and sACN control and back again. How can I execute this change quickly? 


From Live, create a Macro using Learn that does the following:

Go to Tab 12 (Patch) and clear your command line. Type the number(s) of the channel(s) you wish to alter. Click the Interface box to add it to your command line and select ArtNet. Hit Enter. Go to Tab 2 to get back to Live. 

Your Macro may look something like this: 

Tab_Down 1 2 Tab_Up Clear_CmdLine Blind Address ♦

Clear_CmdLine 5 0 1 Interface ArtNet  ♦

To alter the channel patch back to sACN create a similar Macro that ends in select sACN instead.


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