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Channels Are Stuck On and Have a Colored Value


I have channels on my Eos Family Console that will not clear.  


Eos Family software uses different color indicators to give different information about the channel.

Red: Channel Value is manually captured but not recorded.

Blue: Value in a cue that is higher than the value in the previous cue.

Green: Value in a cue that is lower than the value in the previous cue.

Magenta: Value in a cue that is unchanged from the previous cue (tracked).

White: This Value is blocked.

White with Underscore: This Value is auto-blocked.

Yellow: Channel Value is from a submaster.


  1. Select the channel and press the "About" key. 
  2. View the "Source" Column to see where the value for that channel is coming from.
  3. Clear that source.  Use  [Sneak] to clear manual values and [Go to Cue][Out] to clear a cue list.  For a Submaster choose [Sub][x][Out][Enter]. To clear values from all submasters, use [Sub][Home][Thru][Home][Enter].
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