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Console Primary Button Doesn't Launch Software


When I click on Primary/Client/Backup/Offline on the Eos Welcome Screen, also called Eos Shell, nothing happens.  I can get into Setting and Shutdown works, but that's it.

This issue can occur after applying an Eos family software update.


This most-often occurs when Eos Family Software is not installed on the console.  This can be resolved by installing Eos-Family Console software.

There was also a bug in Eos Family Software v2.7.0 that could cause this symptom immediately after a crash.  Performing a Shutdown and restarting the console would make those buttons operational again.  We recommend updating to v2.7.4 or higher to avoid this issue.


This issue may also be caused by updating a console that has a beta version of software installed to a newer version of the same release.  In that case, go through the Software Update process again, but choose 'Remove' to uninstall the beta software, then install the released version.


Install Eos Family Software.  <Click Here> for instructions.

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