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Cues Won't Advance and It Says MAN in the Playback Status Display (PSD)


Cues will not advance on an Eos-family console, and when you look in your Playback Status Display (PSD) the timing for the cue says MAN.

Explanation of Issue

MAN means that manual control has been taken of the cue, and will not advance following the timing that was recorded into the cues. This is caused when the playback faders above the Stop/Back button are not at full. When the playback faders are dropped below full, the console assumes you want to take manual control of a fade. That may be desirable if a stage action that corresponds to the cue timing is occurring faster or slower than it normally does.


Push the playback faders above the Stop/Back button to the top. Cues should now advance in their recorded timing.

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