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Custom Multi-Cell Fixture Profiles adding Locked Value to Master Cell



Whenever I re-open my show or reboot my console, Eos is adding a "Locked Value" to my custom multi-cell fixture profile and adding extra addresses to patch.

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As of Eos version 3.1.2, there is a bug in Eos that will incorrectly add a Locked Value to the Master Cell of a custom multi-cell fixture if the DMX offsets are incorrectly set on the Master Cell. This most commonly occurs when the control parameters that control the fixture as a whole are at the end of that fixture's DMX table. It's sometimes helpful to think of the Master Cell as just another cell.


  1. Remove the Locked Value from your Master Cell and set the DMX addresses for each physical parameter to count sequentially up from 1
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  1. Tap {Edit Multicell}
  2. Set the DMX Offset for your Master Cell to be the first address of the master control parameters for your fixture
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  1. Tap {Save Fixture}
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