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ETCnomad on macOS Doesn't Show All Files when Using iCloud Drive


When looking at the Browser (Open/Save/Merge/Import/etc.) not all files or revisions of files are displayed in the list.

Explanation of Issue

macOS 10.14+ includes support for placeholder files for cloud storage. iCloud Drive uses this technology to reduce local drive storage. On macOS it is now the default behavior for the Documents directory to use this method, and this is the normal Show Archive location. macOS will remove files automatically when the users drive gets low on space. Any iCloud placeholder file will not appear in the Eos browser, or the Magic Sheet import dialog until it has been forced to download via Finder.


  1. Force download desired show file(s) in Finder
  2. Disable iCloud Drive
  3. Change the Show File Archive directory to a different folder that is not synced with iCloud Drive


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