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Eos FDX 2000 Feedback not working anymore


After updating to Eos v3.1 the FDX 2000 feedback is not working anymore.

Explanation of Issue

If this issue occurs specifically after the v3.1 update, your Eos (family) console most likely is missing a default Gateway IP address in the ECU (aka "Shell") network setup. This issue can occur even when "WinDFB" on is still seeing all processors online.


  1. Exit Eos software by choosing {Exit} in the Eos Browser.
  2. Go to ECU ("Shell") Settings / Network
  3. Set a default Gateway IP address that is within your subnet. Example: If your console IP address is and your subnet mask , a default Gateway IP address could be - in most cases you want to choose an IP address that is not assigned to any actual device in your system.
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