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Eos Family V3 Software Setup Installation Error with Return Value


When installing Eos Family version 3.x software, an error dialog appears during the installation process that reads:

An error was encountered when installing ([Software Component]).
Setup cannot continue. Please try to run this installater again,
and consider downloading it again or using a different USB
flash drive (if applicable).
If this error continues, contact ETC Technical Services.

Return Value: ####

Explanation of Issue

The Eos Family v3 Software Setup installs multiple components needed for Eos version 3.x software. One of those components, identified in the parentheses in the first line, reported an error that is preventing installation from continuing.


  1. Close other programs and run the setup again. If another process was using a resource that needed to be modified, it can block the installation.
  2. If on ETCnomad, uninstall previous versions of Eos Family v3 and restart the machine before trying a fresh copy of the setup.
  3. If the issue persists, screenshot or capture the error dialog so that both the software component and the return value are recorded.
    1. Once captured, close the dialog and retrieve the installer log files from:
    2. Zip the installer log files and send the error dialog and the log files to ETC's Technical Services.
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