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Finding the Software Version on an Eos Family Console

The process below is applicable to all Eos Family software, consoles as well as ETC nomad software.

The software version of the console software is a six digit number, separated by decimal points. For example, the below screenshots show version 3.2.4 Build 58. 

The version number of the console can be found in two places.

  1. While booting, the console splash screen will display the version information
  2. When fully launched into the software, clear the command line and press [About] or [Y] on an external keyboard. The version number will be displayed to the right of the logo. 

While there is version information present in the shell under Settings -> General, this information reflects other pieces of software that do not always change with updated software.  The above two methods are the best ways of confirming your software version.

For information on updating your console, please see the following article: <<Updating Eos Family Software>>

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