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How to Change Where Fixtures Home


How can I make my fixture parameters home somewhere other than what their profile indicates?


There are two ways you can change the home position of your fixture parameters:

  • Adjust the fixture profile
    • Easy for adjusting a few fixture profiles
  • Make a home preset
    • Convenient for adjusting several fixture profiles and adding more later

Adjusting Fixture Profile

  1. Navigate to your Patch tab and choose softkey 5 to go to the Fixtures section
  2. Select the fixture profile you would like to adjust on the left side of the editor
  3. Under the 'Home' Column, click on the parameter you want to adjust
  4. A pop-up window will appear and you can change the home value to what you want
  5. Choose softkey 3 to return from the editor, all changes are automatically saved

If you are running software version 2.6.4 or earlier, the editor does not allow you to change profiles from the internal fixture library. You will need to select the fixture, select 'copy', and adjust the copied fixture.

Creating a Home Preset

  1. Adjust the values of the parameters you wish to adjust for your fixture
  2. Record a preset for these values
    1. Ex. [chan] [1] {pan} {tilt} [record] [preset] [1] [enter]
  3. Navigate in your CIA to Browser -> setup -> System Settings and click on the 'Home Preset' box, apply the preset number
    1. If you are running version 2.6.4 or earlier, this will be under 'Show Settings' rather than 'System Settings'

Element consoles do not have the Home Preset feature before version 2.6.0. If you would like this fixture, you will want to update your Element, which you can do by referencing the following: Updating Software on an Eos Family Console or Net3 RVI