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How to Create a Blackout on Eos Family Console


A blackout is when you force all lights to go out, creating a completely black look. Aside from the Ion and Element, no other EOS family console has a dedicated Blackout key. However, there are multiple ways to achieve a blackout in EOS family show files. The two most common are via a cue and a Grandmaster/Blackout fader.

Creating a Blackout Cue

  1. Go to the cue before the cue that you would like to be a blackout
    1. [GoToCue] [X]
  2. Select all channels that are active and put them at level 0
    1. On Ion or Element Classic: [Shift] [+] {Select Last] {Select Active} [Out] [Enter]
    2. On other desks: [Select Active][Out][Enter]
  3. Record the next cue, using Block and Assert to stop changes that may be made to the previous cue and override any timing still completing
    1. [Record] [Cue] [Y] [Block] [More SK] {Assert} [Enter]

Mapping a grandmaster/blackout fader

  1. Go to Tab 36 for Fader Configuration
  2. Select the fader you would like to map to
  3. Click on the box above the fader that says unmapped, a box will pop up
  4. Click the box under Target and choose Grandmaster
  5. This fader will now be assigned as a grandmaster. If you press both bump buttons below the fader simultaneously, you will enact a blackout for any channels with values above 0.
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