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How to Create a Park Toggle Macro


The steps below will walk you through how to create a single macro that toggles a channel between being parked at full and unparked.

Steps to Solution

  1. Tap [Live] then start learning your macro.
    1. [Learn] [Macro] [1] [Enter]
  2. Clear your command line and select your channels/set them to full.
    1. [Shift]+[Clear]
    2. <Chan> [15] [At] [Full] [Enter]
  3. Select your channels and park them.
    1. [Select Last] [Park] [Enter] [Enter]
      1. {Select Last} is a softkey on Element
      2. In standard syntax, you do not normally need to hit [Enter] twice. However, it is very important you tap that second Enter when learning this macro, as it is necessary for to confirm the unpark command.
  4. Sneak the manual data.
    1. [Sneak] [0] [Enter]
  5. Tap [Learn] again to confirm your changes


Whenever you run Macro 1, it will toggle Chan 15 on and off in park using a single macro. The way this macro has been recorded, you will need to be in live to run this macro. However, if you make this a background macro, you can fire that macro in live or blind and it will work no matter what.

  1. Double-tap [Macro] to enter the macro editor.
  2. Select your Macro.
    1. [1] [Enter]
  3. Tap {Macro Mode} until your command line reads "Macro 1 Background Mode" then tap [Enter].

Now, you can be in any live or blind state and your macro will always toggle between being parked at full and unparked.

Your Macro should look like this:


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