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How to Deep Clear an Eos Family Console

A deep clear is a utility on Eos Family Consoles, Net3 RVIs, and offline software versions that can be used to clear out the active show data and display configuration (tabs, layout, etc...). This can be useful when trying to start from a clean slate in a show file, or when there is a problem that prevents you from launching the console successfully as a Primary, Backup, Client, or Offline device.


Note: When the console software is up and running, File -> New has a similar effect. It does not clear display data, but will create an entirely blank show file. 


Caution: Be sure to save your show file prior to performing a deep clear or creating a new show file. While shows that are saved to the hard drive of the console will be untouched, a deep clear flushes out the current unsaved show file.  

To perform a deep clear on an Eos Family console:

  1. Save the show if possible by double-tapping the [Displays] key to open the Browser and then navigate to File>Save As..., and select where you would like to save the file. 
  2. Using the Browser, double-tap {Exit} and click {OK}.
  3. After a few moments, the {Settings} button will pop up in yellow. Click on it.
  4. Select the {Maintenance} tab.
  5. Choose {Deep Clear} from the options.
  6. Press {Yes} to confirm.
  7. Click on {Primary} or the other appropriate mode to relaunch in to the software.
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