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How to Import a Custom Gobo Image in Eos Family Software


Do you have a custom gobo image you had created? You may wish to import that image into Eos in order to use it in a fixtures gobo wheel.  This can be done via the Browser.

How to Import a Custom Gobo Image

  1. Save your gobo image(s) to a USB drive (or on ETCnomad a location on your computer you will be able to find) and insert the drive into your console.
  2. Tap [Displays] (or F9 in ETCnomad) to open the Browser.
  3. In the Browser, expand File, then Import. 
  4. Expand Gobo Images and choose the location you have your image(s) saved.  If you choose a folder, all images in the folder will be imported.  If you choose a file, just that file will be imported.  Double click to start the import.
  5. To use these images, when creating a Gobo Wheel in patch they will be found under "Custom."