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How to Run a Channel Check on Only Patched or Used Channels


By default, Chan Check cycles through all patched channels.  Sometimes you may want to check a specific set of channels.  For example, you may wish to check only channels used in your show, or a specific Group of channels.

This can be achieved with the help of Flexichannel states. When the display is in Flexi, Channel Check will be limited to what is shown on the screen.

Note-Icon.png Note: Address Check ignores Flexi state.

Steps to Solution

The Flexi state is changed by press and holding the [Flexi] key.  Your softkeys will change to show the available Flexichannel states.

  1. To check only channels used in your show, choose {Show}.
  2. To check only a Group of channels, first select the Group, then [Flexi] {Selected}
  3. Select channel number and give a level, then choose Chan Check:
    1. Chan [x][At][1][0][0]{Chan Check}[Enter]
  4. As you press [Next] and [Last] to move through channels, the Flexi state will be obeyed.
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