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No Control of Intelligent Fixtures After Changing Show Files


I opened a different show file and now I can't control my movers and LED fixtures.


Commonly, intelligent fixtures such as LEDs or moving lights are powered from the Dimming panel with use of Relay modules.  It is a very common practice to set the channels that control power to these fixtures to 100% and Park them at the console.  This ensures that the fixtures are powered on when the show file is opened, and they power down when the console is turned off.  

However, the Park information lives within that Show file in a special memory location called the Park Buffer.  If you open a new/different show file, you will no longer have those channels parked.  


When opening a different show file, be sure to check the box under the OK button on the confirmation screen that says "Yes, include the Park Buffer.  This is bring the parked channels over into the show you are opening and you will continue to have control of all of your fixtures.

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