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OS X Lion and Eos Family Client Sync Fail Message

In versions 1.9.6 and prior, there is a known issue with OS X Lion running the Mac offline software as a client on an Eos, Ion, or Element system.  

Symptoms of this issue include:

  • Synchronization failed messages when attempting to connect to the master console
  • Pressing "Start Element" always launches the Eos client, not Element.
Note-Icon.png NOTE:  The synchronization failed messages may also be caused by non-matching software versions.  Also check that the software version on the console (which can be seen by pressing About with a clear command line) matches that of the client software (which can be seen by pressing Ctrl+/ with a clear command line)

The following workarounds are available:

  • Run the client software in an earlier version of OS X (Snow Leopard was the next previous)
  • If your computer is equipped with Boot Camp, you may also launch the client software via a Windows installation

This has been resolved in version 1.9.8.  If you continue having difficulties after installing 1.9.8 or later, please contact ETC Technical Services.

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