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Retrieving or Saving Log Files from Eos Family Consoles

Applicable to any Eos Family Console or Client PC/Mac (Eos Ti, Eos, Gio, Ion, Element, Eos RPU3, Eos RPU, Ion RPU, Net3 RVI3, Net3 RVI):

ETC appreciates end-users willingness to contribute to the improvement of the software product. To that end, if you experience a problem with the console, ETC may request a copy of the log files detailing the failure to assist in recreating (and therefore fixing) the problem.

  1. Go to the system shell.
    1. If you are currently in the console software (Primary, Backup, Client, Offline, Element, etc...), press [Displays] and then [S5], or {Browser}.  (On Element, press [Browser].) From the menu, select "Exit" and press {OK}.
    2. If you are currently rebooting the console, you can reach the shell by clicking on the "Launching in …" countdown box.
  2. Insert a USB flash drive with at least 1GB of free memory into an open USB port.
  3. Select {Settings} from the main shell menu
  4. Select {Maintenance} This is on the RIGHT hand side of the screen.
    Ion Maintenance.png
  5. Select {Save Logs} This is on the LEFT hand side of the screen.
  6. Follow the given prompts. Unless instructed to go to Advanced mode, choose {Next}.  When prompted, enter a short description of the issue and the date/time and press {Next}. Finally, choose the USB drive that you'd like to save the files to. Press {Next}, and once complete, press {Exit}.
  7. When complete, please email files to with a description of what you were doing when the problem occurred.  If you were speaking with anyone at ETC prior to saving logs, please mention that in the email, as well as the notification number, if applicable. 

We also have a video which details this process.  This video can be watched here:


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