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Seachanger XG and Eos Family Consoles

Q: I patched my Seachanger XG fixtures on my Eos family console, but I can't seem to change it to any green color. What's going on?

A: There is a known issue in the 1.9.5/1.9.6 fixture library that had incorrect color matching data drawn for the Seachanger XG fixtures, causing the color picker to draw an incorrect boundary. This was removed in a library update published for the console, which can be obtained by contacting ETC Technical Services. Versions after 1.9.6 will have this change in the library included, and a specific library update will not be needed.

Q: The color picker doesn't mix my green in with the CMY wheels. What's going on?

A: This is also a known issue in Eos family console software. Currently, the color picker does not calculate the green parameter when used with a CMY color mixing system. This is on the list for future improvement (SCR 004850). For now, the workaround is to manually mix in the Green parameter to the desired amount.

Other fixtures affected in a similar manner include:

  • High End / ShowGun, which has a CMY wheel and an RGB wheel
  • Morpheus / PC Spot, which has a CMY wheel and a color scroller
  • Chauvet / Colorado3 M1, which has RGBW and Cyan, Yellow, and Purple color mixing
  • Fixtures that have a Scroller and Scroller2 parameter, like Syncrolite MX1000 units
  • Fixtures that have CMY color mixing and one or more static color wheels.
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