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Second monitor will not enable on my Ion or Element console


I'm trying to enable a second monitor on my Ion or Element console, but it keeps reverting back to one monitor after applying my changes.

Explanation of Issue

This occurs due to confusion with the display drivers under the hood of the Eos software. Most often it's encountered after the console has been powered off, all peripherals unplugged, and re-assembled and powered on in another location. (i.e. moving from a light booth to the tech table or vice versa).



The steps below apply to BCM (2x DVI + 1x VGA), and some Intel (DVI Splitter) motherboards. If your Ion or Element has an Aaeon (2x DVI + 1x DisplayPort) motherboard these instructions will not work and you should talk with ETC Technical Services for further assistance.

  1. Power on the console with an external USB keyboard plugged into the console.
  2. When you see the 5-second countdown before launching into the Eos software, click on the countdown to interrupt it, leaving you at the shell screen.
  3. Using your keyboard, press Ctrl+Alt+F12 to launch the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver utility.
  4. Change the Operating Mode from Single Display to Extended Desktop.
  5. Click the "Apply" button, and when it asks if you want to Keep or Revert the settings, choose Keep.
  6. Confirm you can move the mouse between monitors. If not there could be a physical problem with the console and/or monitor and further troubleshooting can be done with ETC Technical Services to help determine which. If so, click "OK" and you can resume using the console normally.\
  7. If the monitors are working but arranged incorrectly, go into Monitor Arrangement per the instructions in the linked article below to swap them.
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